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Why Join A Connection Group?

You may ask yourself, “Why do I need to go to Sunday Connection Groups since I never miss church?”. Did you know that there has been proven a direct link between Bible literacy and being in a Connection Group? The knowledge you gain from joining a Connection Group is the foundation to discipleship. It is a less formal, more intellectually focused with dialogue and clarification of areas of interest. It is even self-selecting with groups studying together. A sermon models good Bible reading, but a Sunday Connection Group trains people in good Bible reading.


Ages birth through age 2. Stimulating surroundings and loving workers.

2 to 6 Years Old

Stories, activities all while learning about Jesus.

7 to 9 Years Old

Bible study more in depth via lessons/activities.

Junior & Senior High

Lessons designed for the young teen and preteen. More in-depth study of the Bible.

The Pathfinders

Ages 20-39

One Accords

Ages 40-59

Young At Heart

Ages 60-79

Gospel Lighters

Ages 80+

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